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Shipping Policy

Shipping rate & time

On average the shipping rate per item varies between £2.10 and £4.50 per item and the delivery time can vary between 2 and 5 working days.

However, notebook Love is a marketplace dedicated for notable notebooks and we help our sellers to directly connect with buyers. We offers our Sellers the facility to set their own shipping time and rate and per location.

The locations include United Kingdom and Channel Islands.

This means that if sellers set a shipping time and rate for a particular location, then same shipping time and rate will be applied for all areas of that location.
Notebook Love do not ship in other E.U yet. This will come in a very near future and will include: EuropeNorthern Europe and Eastern Europe.

1. Shipping rate

The range of shipping rates set by the Seller is displayed just under the description of each products. Then, the actual shipping rate is calculated and displayed on the Cart page (during checkout). At this stage, if you would like to add an item, you will have the option to calculate the shipping rates on any added item.

2. Shipping time

The shipping time set by Notebook Love's Sellers is displayed just under the description of every items.

If you have any question regarding our Shipping Policy, please email us at