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Sellers’ Earnings

  1. How Sellers' earnings are calculated
  2. When do we pay you your Seller’s earnings?

1. How Sellers' earnings are calculated

As you are charged a Transaction (per order) Fee of £0.98 and Processing Fee of 8% per transaction, these fees are taken as follows:

  • £0.98 is the fixed Transaction Fee amount that is first deducted from the price of the order (not including shipping).
  • Then 8% is an additional processing fee is deducted from the total amount of every order.

For instance, if the price of the notebook you are selling is £14.50 and your shipping cost is £3.50, customers will pay a total amount of £18.

Therefore, the fixed amount of £0.98 will be deducted from the price of the notebook/order (i.e. £14.50) and then the percent amount 8% will be deducted from the remaining product price.

In other words:

  • Product Price = £14.50
  • Shipping Fee = £3.50
  • Fixed Amount (Transaction Fee) = £0.98 
  • Percent Amount (Payment Processing Fee) = 8 %
Firstly, the Fixed Amount will be deducted from the Order Price.

i.e. £14.50 - £0.89 = £13.61

Then, the Percentage Amount will be deducted from the remaining Product Price

i.e. £13.61 -  £1.08 (which is 8% of £13.61) = £12.52

Your earnings (the seller's earnings) will therefore be £12.52 + £3.50 (your Shipping Cost) = £16.02

2. When do we pay you your Seller’s earnings?

Sellers’ earnings will be paid twice a month and on a specific date depending on where the weekend falls:

  • Between the 14th and 16th of the month
  • Between the 28th and 31st of the month

NOTE: We only pay sellers for the orders they have fulfilled. This is why it is so important that once you have dispatched an order, you make sure you mark it as fulfilled immediately (by opening the specific order in your store account and clicking the 'fulfil' button at the bottom of the order page). Not marking a dispatched order as fulfilled might delay receiving your earnings.

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