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A community that connects sellers of quality paper notebooks with notebook lovers

What is Notebook Love?

Notebook Love makes it easier for people to find their next notebook. We do this by partnering with a countless number and all size of sellers to provide the best choice for them.

We help our community of sellers-partners turning what they love doing into successful businesses. Our platform connects them with millions of buyers looking for an alternative to amalgamated marketplace made for various type of products - When our marketplace is made by notebook lovers and dedicated for notebooks.

Our sellers-partners

Our story

Established in 2016 by husband and wife team, Consol and Kate Efomi, Notebook Love is fast-becoming the polestar for journaling junkies, writers and general notebook lovers alike.

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Notebook Love started as a hobby from Kate’s love and passion for quality paper notebooks. Passion is contagious, and Consol caught the passion leading in turning a passion into online retail for paper notebooks.

From their living room, came a big idea that would inspire the world of paper notebooks — to bring together the most unique place and never-before-seen marketplace for quality notebooks.

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Consol EFOMI

Consol is the master strategist of Notebook Love and usually has at least three notebooks on the go at any one time. He brings vision and top business acumen to the company and as a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert, Consol holds the business in a steady pair of hands


Kate is a writer and TV production manager by trade, but has happily taken some time out to establish this family business that is close to her own heart. She knows a good notebook when she sees one and has a passion for designing and producing the best products possible for the discerning scribbler. One day she will actually get some writing done herself, in one of our notebooks, naturally.



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So, if like us you're nutty about notebooks and passionate about (responsibly sourced) paper then welcome home and turn the page... Let the scribbling commence!

Consol & Kate Efomi

Founders of Notebook Love

Our passion for notebooks goes further than paper.

For every item shipped, Notebook Love balances it with a positive impact on people life and and the environment.