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Gift ideas for teachers | Notebook Love

“Thanks, Teach’” Gift Ideas for Teachers (what they really want).

Gift ideas for teachers | Notebook Love

An apple a day keeps the teacher away. That’s how the saying goes, right*? Hands up who’s EVER given a teacher an apple? Nope. But I don’t think that’s why we give teachers gifts before the summer holidays. I’m pretty certain that they go ‘away’ very much of their own accord – usually somewhere sunny. 

And I heard on the grapevine that teachers definitely prefer wine. But stuffing a bottle of pinot in your child’s school bag is probably not the most responsible of things to do.

When it comes to the summer holidays, more and more parents are buying teachers a thank you gift. And rightly so, don’t you think? They deserve that holiday and then-some for all the hard work they do for pay that doesn’t tend to increase all that much or all that speedily these days.   

Did you know?....

According to a recent Mumsnet survey:

  • Parents today spend an average of £10.60 on a primary school teacher’s gift.
  • 1 in 10 parents spends £25.
  • 83% buy presents for teachers.
  • 75% buy presents for teaching assistants.
  • 9% buy something for the head teacher.
  • 8% don’t think a gift is necessary at all. (Pah!) 

So what do teachers really want (apart from a well-earned holiday)

We asked a few teacher friends what they really wanted and we found that simple words of thanks in a card are genuinely the thing that means the most.

Emma, a nursery teacher said, “A parent taking a moment to quietly say thank you has to be the best gift. Especially when they say what they are thanking you for and how you have made a difference to their child or family.”

And Kaye, an English teacher and Assistant Headteacher, tends to agree “Wine and/or chocolate are always appreciated! It's usually the words in the cards that mean the most.”

(Bubble wrap in the school bag it is then!)

And Mumsnet teacher-mums tended to agree:

“A heartfelt message in a homemade card - this will always be Number One!”


Gift ideas for teachers | Notebook Love


Gift ideas for teachers | Notebook Love


But we insist!

OK, so the cards are the best thing (and my esteem for teachers is now EVEN higher for that little discovery) but if their card had to be accompanied by a gift, what would they reeeeeally like?

Mumsnet teacher-mums to the rescue again! - with a few honest pointers about what they really appreciate (and what they don’t really want). Here are some of their wise gift suggestions:

Canvas bag to carry marking home, personalised and decorated (and chose one with a gusset).

Stationery: pens, stickers, funky post-it notes, notebooks.

Vouchers for Amazon or John Lewis if you're a school that does class collections. 

Wine, if you KNOW they drink it. Same goes for chocolate.

Costume jewellery, hair clips, scarves, etc of a type that you have SEEN them wear.


Homemade edibles are wonderful and the effort and thought is always appreciated.

Please avoid lotions, shower gels, etc as you cannot know what they like or might be allergic to. Same goes for scented candles.

Please, no more mugs.

Gift ideas for teachers | Notebook Love

Oh dear, yes. We can understand the mug thing.

So there you have it. The classic gifts are the winners but the cards and appreciation get top marks from most teachers.

Teachers, we salute you! Now go and enjoy your summer holiday! There's some wine in the Doc McStuffins back pack on cloakroom peg number 14. Cheers!

Gift ideas for teachers | Notebook Love





*I know, I know, it's really a doctor! ;)  

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