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The purpose of the "Vacation Setting” is to inform customers (as well as Notebook Love) of your (the seller's) availability. This allows customers to manage their purchases accordingly. Here's how to show your availability:

The vacation settings allow you to either disable all products (to hide them) or continue selling products but with a clear message displayed for the customers to see in case you are unavailable to fulfil the order during a specific period. 

If you decide to continue selling products 

If you choose the option "Continue Selling", your products will be visible to customers, they will still be available to buy, but you can post a clear message confirming that you are not available as you are, for example 'on vacation' for a certain time period as shown in the video below:

 If you decide to disable all products

In this case follow the same steps shown on the video, then select the option "Disable All Products". This will hide all your products for the duration of your vacation and will automatically get reactivated after your vacation ends.

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What our customers say...

103 reviews
Looks exactly like the picture online

Very fast delivery.
I bought the notebook as a gift and I was not disappointed. It looks exactly like the picture online, the material used is very soft and good quality.
Extremely happy with purchase.

Really pretty, quality product

Such a lovely quality notebook. Love the fabric cover with the animals placed as per my request. Good quality thick lined paper. It is quite expensive, but as an indulgent treat in difficult times I was more than happy to order & would do so again as well as happily recommend to others.

Diary is great Shame about the sticker

The diary is very nice. I like the Notes section on each weekly spread.

Such a shame that the barcode sticker on the back makes a horrible sticky mess after 40 minutes trying to remove it, marring the smooth matt finish. Note also that the list of holidays in it is for Australia and New Zealand, not the UK.

2021 Family Calendar

We were excited to find a "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" calendar, as our preschooler is a huge fan of the book. It's beautifully illustrated. There's columns for each person, so we can see at a glance who's meant to be where & when.

Ordering and delivery was quick and easy. Highly recommend!

Haven't received order

Hi. I have tried to email however I have not had a reply. I never received my December order in the post. Can you help? Thanks, Emma.

Hi Emma. Many thanks for your feedback. And so sorry for your experience. I'm not sure whether you saw the email we sent you last week, but we have also messaged the seller, Ink Inc to ask them to get in touch. Perhaps you were meaning that they hadn't been in touch. I believe you did receive something in the post from them but it wasn't complete. Is that right? So sorry about that. Ink Inc. are currently closed due to their studio being shut but they have assured us this morning that they will be in touch to see how they can remedy this situation for you. We will keep a close eye on this situation for you and will continue to be in touch via email. However, if our emails are not getting through please do check your spam box or let us know if our emails aren't getting through. We want to fix this for you asap.