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The purpose of the "Vacation Setting” is to inform customers (as well as Notebook Love) of your (the seller's) availability. This allows customers to manage their purchases accordingly. Here's how to show your availability:

The vacation settings allow you to either disable all products (to hide them) or continue selling products but with a clear message displayed for the customers to see in case you are unavailable to fulfil the order during a specific period. 

If you decide to continue selling products 

If you choose the option "Continue Selling", your products will be visible to customers, they will still be available to buy, but you can post a clear message confirming that you are not available as you are, for example 'on vacation' for a certain time period as shown in the video below:

 If you decide to disable all products

In this case follow the same steps shown on the video, then select the option "Disable All Products". This will hide all your products for the duration of your vacation and will automatically get reactivated after your vacation ends.

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vjxhnvbxad - March 14, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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Great Notebooks

I normally use Moleskine but gave these a try. Very nice, quality notebook with tear out pages as well which really helps.

Beautifully drawn illustartions

I love this .I bought it for a friend as a stocking filler but kept it for myself as the illustration was so beautifully drawn. I did have an issue over delivery because of problems with the post that everyone had over the Christmas period but this was resolved successfully thanks to the Notebook Love team

Gorgeous illustrations

I love these memo pads. The illustrations are gorgeous and I'm so happy to have found something unique on the Notebook Love website that I wouldn't have otherwise come across. I bought one for me and one for my cat loving friend

beautiful notebook

It will be a joy to write in this lovely book

Recycled leather lined green A5 notebook

Beautiful. Arrived on time. Will order again as the notebook makes for a lovely gift. 💚