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Please place your orders in good time for Christmas. Due to Royal Mail strikes, we cannot fully guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.
Please place your orders in good time for Christmas. Due to Royal Mail strikes, we cannot fully guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.
Frequently Asked Questions - Notebook Love

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping on Notebook Love

As Notebook Love is a marketplace, we are taking your oder on behalf of our sellers (3rd party sellers). The sellers deliver goods on their own behalf. 

You (the customer) gets the product with all the branding on the box (and return shipping labels) having the 3rd party seller's branding. in other words, from your point of view the box came from the 3rd party seller, even though you made the purchase on

Once you place your order under the terms and conditions of  individual sellers, which are located under the description of every product listed on Notebook Love.

Shipping destinations:

Our sellers currently ship United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Northern Europe, Europe and Eastern Europe as detailed in "Shipping Rate & Time".

Shipping  rate and times:

The range of shipping rates  and times set by the Seller is displayed just under the description of each product and as detailed in "Shipping Rate & Time"

You can select your preferred payment method at checkout.

We accept secure payments for both local & international customers via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Amazon and PayPal. 

We process payments on our secure SSL-encrypted platform. We have security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

Note that additional exchange fee may apply if your currency is other than British Pound (£)

We offer a 14-days "Returns Policy".

Your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, in the shortest possible time within 14 days from the date on which you have been informed that your refund has been approved. More details in our  "Returns Policy"

Selling on Notebook Love

We have quick and simple sign-up to follow.

1) Sign-up and approval

  • Sign-up here as a seller to create and access your account. (Please Note: you business must be registered and/or based in the U.K to sell on Notebook Love).
  • Then, complete your account information located under the tab 'Your Profile'. Note: all the account information must be completed to allow the approval process to start.

Click on "Seller's Guide" for detailed on the sign-up process

Once signed-up and approved, we will send you your account approval email that will allow you to select your plan and complete your registration.

Once your registration is complete, you will be able to fully access to your account and set up your shop to start selling. Full details on 'Seller's Guide'.

Under the tab 'Profile', go to 'Payment' Details' where you will select your preferred payment method (payments to you from Notebook Love). 

You can choose between:

  • PayPal
  • Internet Banking (i.e. bank transfer)

1. Shipping Configuration

Next click on ‘Shipping Configuration’ where you can choose ‘Marketplace Shipping’ to set the range of your shipping rates. Alternatively simply select ‘Free Shipping’ if preferred.

First, enable both ‘Marketplace Shipping’ and ‘Free Shipping’ by clicking on the dotes below ‘Action’.
NOTE: If you select ‘Marketplace Shipping’ because you would like to set your shipping rates, click on the 3 dots under ‘Action’. Select ‘View’. This will take you to ‘Shipping Method Details’.

Shipping Method Details’: this is where you will set your shipping. You’ll set your ranges (choosing to go by value of order or weight) and your shipping zones.

  • You need to add shipping ranges by clicking the link under ‘Step: 01’. This will take you to ‘Shipping Range (Marketplace Shipping)’. 
  • Once on the page ‘Shipping Range (Marketplace Shipping)’ click on the top far-right green button ‘Add New Range’.
  • Here you'll be able to choose if you would like to have all your shipping calculated according to order value or weight.
  • IMPORTANT: Once you have chosen to base your shipping on either order value or weight, you won’t be able to change it. You’ll only be able to change if you delete all your shipping settings and start afresh.
  • Then, set your shipping cost range as shown below and save it.

  • You can repeat the same exercise for as many shipping ranges as you would like. However, we recommend no more than three shipping ranges.
  • You now need to add shipping zones (or locations) by clicking the link under ‘Step:02’. This will take you to ‘Add Shipping Zone’.
  • Once on the page ‘Add Shipping Zone’ you’ll have the option to choose your zone of shipping. We currently offer two zones that include the U.K, Channel Islands, Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe (We will soon include other zones).
  • Once you have selected a zone, click on the top far-right green button ‘Manage Shipping Range’ to set up a price related to the shipping range you added earlier (by price or weight) and the zone you have selected.
    Repeat this exercise with the other zones if you would like to serve it too.

2. Invoice Configuration

Add the details you would like to appear on invoices to your customers.

You’ll then be able to generate an invoice from the page ‘List of Orders’ which is located under the tab ‘Orders’. 

NOTE: It’s once you have orders listed in your ‘List of Orders’ you will be able to generate an invoice when you have clicked on a particular order and by selecting ‘Actions’ and then ‘Generate Customer Invoice).
Click on 'Seller's Guide' for detailed on shipping configuration.

You can fin the link of your store and share the link (in the format: shop name) and let the sales commence!

Click ‘Product Listings’. This will take you to the page below. Click on ‘Add Product’. Please only select adding Csv files (under the button ‘More Actions’) if you are experienced in dealing with these sorts of files.

Click ‘Add Product. This will take you to the page where you can add your product, starting by the section 'Product Details'.-

1. Product Details-

Product Name (i.e product title): we found that product name work best when they include the size, the brand name, the name of the model (if applicable) and any other key features. For example “A5 Notebook Love Inky Thinkings Notebook with Elastic”.

Description: describe your item and list all the features it has. People tend to google the specific features when they are looking for products. The description should also be appealing but brief and to the point.

Tags: Product tags are really important because they determine where your product will be listed on Notebook Love.Correct tagging makes your products findable through the product filter tool on

There are two types of tags; the 'simple tags' and 'composed tags'.

a) Simple tags: simple tags represent the main notebook's categories that appear on the main bar menu of (eg. Notebooks, Journals, Bullet Journal, Diaries, etc). You MUST add a least one of these tags in order for your product to show to customers. They are not displayed on the product filter section of but are hugely important when people search for a product from the main search bar.

These tags are:

  • Notebooks
  • Journal
  • Bullet Journals
  • Diaries
  • Planners-
  • To-Do Lists-
  • Sketchbooks
  • Exercise Books

b) Composed tags: to enable successful filtering, composed tags are made up of of the tag category and the actual feature (in the format: tag category_actual feature).

For example:

  • If your item has rounded corners, you would add the tag “Corners_Rounded Corners”.
  • If your item size is A5, you’ll add the tag “Size_A5”.
  • If your item has lined pages, you’ll add the tag “Pages_Lined Pages”
  • and so on.

NOTE: you can add as many tags as possible as long they are relevant to your item. It is recommended that you add all the tags that are relevant to your product.

Product Meta Fields:  this is used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Product Meta Fields includes the ‘Title tag meta field’ and the ‘Description tag meta field’, and are what people see in search results. 

‘Title tag meta field’ and the ‘Description tag meta field’ should break down what your product is, the benefits of it, why people should buy it and should include product keywords. (This is the stuff people are going to read when they are Googling!). If you have a great product title and description then you can copy these into these meta fields (but please note that the ‘Title tag meta field’ should contain between 20 and 60 characters and the ‘Description tag meta field’ should contain between 50 and 320 characters).

Click on 'Seller's Guide' for detailed on how to list your product.

If you are listing a personalised item you can now (after completing all the areas in the section "Products") add the personalisation option by going to "Custom Product" and click on "Show options"

This feature allows customers to add additional information about the products while purchasing it.

Scroll down to the bottom of your Product Page  where you will have the possibility to add multiple Custom Product options.

Custom Options Form

Fill the below as appropriate

Note: You can create a maximum of 10 Custom Options for a product.

After filling all the custom information for this product, the customer will add this product to the cart and can view the added information on throughout the checkout process and carte page.

Once this product is ordered, you (the seller) can view the custom information provided by the customer on the order detail page of your store.

Once you have added all your products, you are now ready to shout about your shop. Your products will be available on, Google Shopping, Facebook Shopping and Instagram Shopping.

Click on 'Seller's Guide' or detailed on how to list your product.

Once you have added all your products, you are now ready to shout about your shop. Your products will be available on, Google Shopping, Facebook Shopping and Instagram Shopping. 

Share the link of your shop (in the format: shop name) and let the sales commence!

SKU stands for stock-keeping unit. It is a simple code that helps identify your product online and within your own stock-keeping system.

Making sure your product has an SKU on Notebook Love will give you greater visibility online and better sales rates.  

As it is Google's policy for products to have at least an SKU in order to be visible on Google Shopping (barcodes aren't as important for them) it is well worth generating one for each of your products. 


Unlike barcodes, you don't need to buy SKUs; just a few letters and numbers that are relevant to your product will do the trick. There is no guide maximum or guide minimum number of digits/letters in an SKU. It's very much down to you. Once you've settled on an SKU it's always worth googling it to check it doesn't have another meaning or have another product already attached to it. To give you an SKU example, for the products we make here at Notebook Love we use eg. 5NBL002. Please read the Seller’s Guide section where you will see where you can insert your SKUs

Once you are on the Seller's Guide page, click on 'Shop set-up', then scroll down to click on 'Product Listings', then scroll down to '1. Product Details' - then scroll down to "Inventory Details"

If you want list your product as a sale item please discount your products by following the simple steps below. 

Once your product is discounted you can add it to the Notebook Love Sale section by adding the tag: '"Reduced Price".

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